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Montessori Toy Wooden Dollhouse Large Size by Twig Studio - Perfect for Imaginative Play!

Montessori Toy Wooden Dollhouse Large Size by Twig Studio - Perfect for Imaginative Play!

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Introducing the Twig Studio Montessori Toy Wooden Dollhouse Large Size – a beautifully crafted dollhouse that is designed for open play to inspire and nurture your child's sense of wonder and imagination. This dollhouse embraces a unique slotted design, allowing kids to easily assemble it without the need for tools, and enhancing the imaginative play experience. This Dollhouse radiates an enchanting and rustic charm. Crafted from high-quality, natural materials, including sustainably harvested birch wood, natural non-toxic stains, and of course Twig Studio's signature beeswax polish. The finish sanding is done by hand to retain the natural look and feel of the wood. The simplicity, versatility, and use of natural materials nurtures the child's senses and helps to foster a connection with the natural world. The minimalist design has just enough detail to create its inviting look and feel, without the type of detail-clutter that some dollhouses have that could limit the imaginative play. It features large openings for little hands to reach through, plenty of windows, doors with little pulls to make them easy to open and close, little stone pathways are carved into the base to invite little people and creatures in! Its slotted design adds an extra layer of excitement to the playtime, as children get to actively engage in putting the dollhouse together. Even the assembly allows for open play! One may follow the instructions if they like, to put the house together as we intend it (it takes just a few seconds and requires no tools!) but there is no harm slotting it together any which way! This house is set to be a family hierloom. It is sturdy enough to last the years of play while while the slotted assembly allows it to be very easily taken apart and flat-packed for transportation or storage. Twig studio is a family business. We design and build these houses ourselves, here in Canada, in small batches with the kind of love and care that you would expect for an Item you may gift to a child you love.

  • Materials: birch wood, natural non-toxic stain, vegetable tanned leather, beeswax.;
  • Dimensions: 24"W/32"L/25"H;
  • Waldorf-inspired design promotes imaginative play;
  • Handmade;
  • Made in Canada
  • For kids ages 3 and up




All-natural, non-toxic wood stain


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